Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kickstarter Program

So lately in all the spare time I have, she says with sarcasm dripping off her lips, I have been scouring the web for wire wrapping tutorials.

Last year when I was doing features on shops, I came across a shop on etsy, AtabbycatArts, and a lady who wire wraps her pendants whether they be shell, cameo, or painted stone. And I loved the free formed appearance of her wraps. Here's a couple that caught my eye:
Are these not just beautiful? How could I not be inspired? The Leo rising in me yearns for this lion ♥
Go ahead and click on her pics to go to her shop; she's a wonderfully nice lady who inspired me to want to learn to wire wrap... although she has no idea....until she reads this.
Hi Cat/Na *waves*
So I have been learning and practicing and practicing and learning. Here's a few wraps that I've done with colored craft wire

And here's one with a yellow brass wire wrap, a low cost alternative to the pricier precious metal wires:
I would love to wrap my gemstones with precious metal wires.

and some of my crystals...
I'm just imagining what I can do with these...
But with our fixed income, I cannot afford the extra expense right now. So it got me to thinking....

Last year one of my forum peeps raised $$$ to start a bookbinding business. She used a site called Kickstarter, and as the home page says "A new way to fund and follow creativity"
One is allowed to start/post a project with a $$$ goal and a time limit to reach that goal. Basically people pledge to back your project and if/when the entire amount of your $$ goal is reached by the time limit deadline, then and only then, do the backers pay what they pledged.
So what do your backers get in return for their $$$ help? Well you give them rewards-the more $ they back, the bigger the reward.
I have decided to try and raise the funds I need to begin my precious metal wire wrapping project through Kickstarter. I am thinking I will offer items from my current shops as rewards.
What do you think? I'd love to hear any comments you have.
Until next time
ps- when I have a link to my project page and can ask for backers, I'll be back to post it.......all over the place :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Read My Lips--No New Year's Resolutions!

That's right-no resolutions here.

Last year I ran across a New Year's blogpost where the gal said she always made some lofty goal, never lived up to it or was miserable instead, the alternative was suggested to have a motto word to live by. I thought it was a good idea. I started the year with less stress and no expectations to live up to. Last year my word was " Abundance" and boy did I have plenty of times I was reminded. When I was blessed with abundance I gave thanks, when it seemed like abundance would overwhelm me, I reminded myself I asked for it.

Since a motto word was such a success for me, I am choosing to do the same this year. The word I have chosen is " Believe" ...I can hardly wait to see what road this motto leads me through.

So Happy New Year's everyone...what's your motto? I 'believe' mine is already less stressful
See? it's already working ;)

Til next time,

Mr. Clay's update-Hospice has been great! New oxygen equipment has made a difference and he is slowly regaining some mobility. He walks nearly everyday on the treadmill and is looking forward to being able to good outside this spring when things start growing.