Sunday, October 25, 2009

Are there ever enough hours in the day?

I know it has been forever since I last posted here goes:

I got a full time permanent job! I am glad that I got the job; but I am also wondering how in the heck I am going to be able to keep up with everything?
I got the job with a trucking company, and the best way I can describe it is this-they were about to go belly up and a 'restructuring company' came in and took over the finances and saved it from bankruptcy. The gal who is playing office manger needed help, so I was hired. As soon as all the finances are all straightened out, she will be leaving and I will be the office manager. She wants to be done in 3 months or so, and I am happy to not have all the responsibility of figuring out the financial messes they have.

I am still writing for HandMade News, although there doesn't seem to be anyone else writing in the Featured Artisan Dept. I was going to resign; but my resignation emails all bounced back to me(no longer valid emails)...and since I am still getting interviews back from people, I figure it must be a sign to keep going as long as I can.

The hubster's garden kept the neighborhood in tomatoes, squash, and zucchinis all summer. I have the last of the pepper harvest to pickle... of course I keep saying that, but the peppers just keep growing and going, even through the freezes we've had...unbelievable! Even last night, more freezing temps, but the peppers are still standing tall! And the carrots are still going strong, too.

As for the hubster's health-the cancer/organ donor meds the Dr. had him on (Cytoxan) began giving him brown spots (like birth marks) on his back and they grew bigger(like HUGE) and began spreading around to his tummy...also began to make his bladder burn and hurt. So he stopped taking the meds a few days ago. His breathing has been easier since, the brown spots are beginning to fade, and he no longer has pain in the bladder. Of course, the meds have killed his immune system so badly that he now had rhuematoid arthritus pretty bad. To which they recommend a RA specialist...what a racket, huh?

He has decided to start going back to our acupressurist (I call him 'House', because he can fix anything) and taking whole food supplements. This guy 'House' cured hubby of acid reflux/gerd simply by putting his body back in ph balance...huh, who would've thunk? So in a couple of weeks we have an appointment with an RA specialist( we are expecting RA Dr. to tell us that hubster has rhuematoid lung) and the next day we go to the acupressurist, House.

On a brighter note I won a blog contest that I entered awhile back and here is what I won from DZFantasy. She has the cutest fairies ever! They are all
soft sculpture and she has all different colors; some with specialty fabrics and all are absolutely gorgeous. I have been lusting after one of these for almost a year, and I had actually forgotten that I had entered her contest! DZFantasy has monthly drawings on her blog. Check out her Etsy shop
I think that pretty much brings you all up to date. Next post, I will show you a salsa bowl I made, and it is hot, I tell ya :D
Take care everyone, and until next time...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I've Been Hiding Out

I haven't posted for over a week now...did you miss me? ...I've been hiding out and giving myself some time to think...

I have spent alot of time writing for HandMade News these past months. I was so elated when I got the job writing. I figured I had found work I could do from home and still be here to take care of the hubster. (update on him, in a few) The trouble is, that it hasn't been a paying all. Word has come down the pipeline that it will now be a non-paying job for the forseeable future. I have stopped sending out interviews now and will only submit til I run out of the ones I have in reserve.
As much as I love to promote other people, I need to be able to make $. So, I will be focusing my efforts on my shops and concentrating on getting them stocked for the holidays.

Now on to the hubster's health-We had a check up at the pulmonologist this week and his breathing is still the same-about 1/4 breathing capacity. It appears the heavy doses of Cytoxan have slowed the disease's progress; nothing new on the x-rays, and blood tests are ok so far . So, I have nothing new to report-he has good days and bad days...and I have found a whole new level of patience ;)

I've been slooooowly, but surely, getting my studio cleaned up. I promised my Guildmaster that I would do a studio walk through. So, I found a few things hiding this week that I had forgotten about. Here they are:

While cleaning, I have found some supplies that I had completely forgotten about, and also some extras that I want to destash. Look for those to be listed soon.
Our weather here took a turn towards winter for a few days and we had our first freeze last night. We covered our garden hoping to extend it's life til it warms back up. The tomatoes still froze even though wrapped and covered. The squash, zucchini, and peppers are still going. So we covered them again tonight as we prepare for the 2nd freeze. This is the first time we are attempting to do this. I'll let you know if it is successful.
Til next time, I'll be pickling peppers amongst other things :D