Saturday, June 27, 2009

Featuring - MoeArt of ArtFire & Etsy

I should have been here sooner to post this, but I got side-tracked on Moe's blog. Who is Moe, you ask? Well she is the Moe of MoeArt, and if you've never visited her blog, you are missing out on a treat, and alot of laughs. I spent the better part of the day LOL at her adventures with Westinghouse products, her vaccuum cleaner, her cats, and just her way of looking at life. So today was not a total loss for me. I needed a break with a lot of laughs. And I didn't even mention all the polymer clay items she has presented on her blog. And have you looked in her shops? She has a shop on Etsy and a shop on ArtFire. Truly a talented lady!

I am happy to give you all the opportunity to get to know Moe. She recently joined the ArtFire Polymer Clay Smooshers, but said she has been on PCC (Polymer Clay Central) for years. I am so glad she has found our guild. She sounds like one happy go lucky lady. And who can blame her? She lives in Paradise after all. It's quite obvious that she loves her life and what she does:
What is your favorite item in your shop? Yikes! My dragon, I guess. I love dragons and have several even though there is only one listed. I can't decide what I like to make the best. It's all such fun! But there actually is another dragon listed in her ArtFire shop
What inspires you to create? Color. Anything with lots of color makes me think, "I can make this in clay!" Silks, sunsets, clothing, jewelry, gemstones, just about anything colorful.

Do you have any inspirational advice for other artists? Do what works for YOU! Doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. If you are inspired by steel mills or lambs in a meadow... go for it! Creativity is inside each individual. It is not dictated by something that's "popular" or trendy or from somebody else's mind. It belongs to you and you alone. So, go forth and make what works for YOU!

Do you create in more than one medium? I used to do painting on rocks and quilling and several other crafty things. I still quill once in a while but generally, clay is THE thing. I love it!
These earrings are GORGEOUS!!! I love, love love them. And also the monarch set. Beautiful job, Moe!
If you could live anywhere else in the world where would it be? and why? Hee. This is a no brainer for me. I live in Honolulu. Would you want to move? :D Okay, okay... maybe Maui. :D

Favorite food? Wine. That's a major food group, right?

Favorite Animal? Our two kitties. Allie and Ipo (that's "sweetheart" in Hawaiian) Ipo is THE most misnamed kitty in the world. Her *real* name is Destructo Kitty or BratCat of the Universe.

Favorite color? Orange! Burnt orange is my absolute favorite. Followed only by bronzes and golds and reds.
Do you have a favorite quote you'd like to share? Hmmmm, maybe not. But if I had to make one up it would be "Go for it!" Or "NEVER give up!' I guess that's pretty close to Winston Churchill, isn't it?
Sites where you can find moe
ArtFire Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild
This was fun. Mahalo and aloha! moe
Thank you Moe for taking the time to do this interview. Please be sure to visit MoeArt on Etsy and MoeArt on ArtFire . I know you will find beautiful polymer clay items there.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hubby, Job, & Garden update

I have been waiting for a quick break in features to post a bit of news that I had to share with you all. I got a "job" writing articles for HandmadeNews on ArtFire's home page ! I am in the Just For Fun section. See? click on that link...but come right back afterwards; you'll see a teensy weensy avatar of me. If you click on my name, it takes you to my bio. Soon, that page will start filling up with articles that I've written. My first two articles are due tomorrow, and I'm not sure how soon the articles are published, but you can count on me to rattle your chain and give me some love when they are published :) They have a comment section down below each article and a 'thumbs up,thumbs down. So at least be sure and leave me a thumb :)) I am hoping to get a widget or a button for my blog soon, so it will be easy to click your way over there. And hey-they still have a link up at the top saying they are hiring, if you are interested.

As for the hubster's health. Well, a few weeks back he was sitting up in bed and coughed at the same time. It wasn't a big cough, but it was enough that it separated the cartilage in his ribs where they went in and did the biopsy. He was in so much pain that I took him to the Dr. They gave him some pain pills, but figured that it was time to wean him off the steroids. So he had to cut it down 1/2 pill every week. The first day of the cut back he could already feel a difference. And by the second week he was noticably weaker. It also affected his attitude, and he was an absolute meany to be around. Constantly trying to pick fights over nothing. The worst part was that he couldn't see it himself. He thought everyone was trying to provoke him. He's now off of them completely, and is tolerable most of the time. And he gets so weak and out of breath even just watering the garden. It frightens me because I see what's coming. I don't say anything to him though.

We just got a letter today from the Social Security Disability and they want the hubster to go take a breathing test at the government's expense. But that won't be til July 1, so now we are wondering how much longer we have to wait til they make a determination on his disability claim. I also dread these breathing tests. It makes me cry to see him try and blow into a machine and then the coughing and nearly throwing up afterwards. Enough of that talk :(

I still have not been able to get a job, and financially, things are extremely tight. We've been able to survive this whole year on less than 5K. I'm not sure I know anyone who could do that. We are sooo fortunate that our house is paid off, but we still need water and electricity to make our beans and rice. I wish I knew how to make a donation button on my blog. And then I even wonder if anyone would help. I know things are tight out there. I wonder if some people know how fortunate they are right now.

We have begun to eat radishes from the garden. As as I suspected, the hubby didn't water the lettuce seeds enough and they didn't even sprout. So he planted some more and still hasn't watered them enough. He wanted to do this garden HIS way, so I have stayed out of it. I was going to plant some lettuce in a planter for us, but he nabbed my planter for radishes too. So... at least we have radishes lol

Well I better wrap it up for this time. I have another feature waiting in the wings. Take care everyone and think good thoughts for us.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Featuring ArtFire Shop - Unique by Karlee

I met UniquebyKarlee in the ArtFirePolymer Smooshers Guild. She not only creates with polymer clay, but also crochets and sews as well. When I first entered the shop of UniquebyKarlee, my eyes were immediately caught by several striking coffee cup cozies. I have been drinking a lot of tea lately due to cold and rainy weather, and these cup cozies would be ideal for someone (like me) who drinks warm/hot beverages. Then I poked around in her shop a little more, and found all kinds of different treasures. I had to find out a little more:

What is your favorite item in your shop?
I'll let you choose your favorite. I don't have some stuff listed yet, and I have some fairly neat stuff to list. :) I absolutely love it when I get to pick the fav, and since it has been terribly stormy for the last couple of weeks, I was immediately attracted to this Lightning Striking Coffee Cozy. But wait this gets even better!!! She is having a SALE right now 5 cozies for the price of 4! These would make excellent stocking stuffers at Christmas. I'm thinking gifts for the neighbors, office workers, and family; PLUS there is a great selection. You're sure to find one for everyone on your list, and if you click on this picture you can see all the different views of this cozy.

What inspires you to create?
Colors, textures, letting my mind wander. I don't really go looking for clay inspiration, I just start playing with the clay and let it happen. I've come up with some neat stuff this way, and other times some serious train wrecks.

And do you have any inspirational advice for other artists?
Sometimes thinking outside the box will get you that really great piece that you may not like, but someone else can't live without. You never know what a customer is going to look for, so unless it is REALLY bad, go ahead and make it then list it. It very well may the thing that puts you on the map.

Do you create in more than 1 medium?
Oh yes. I started my artfire shop by sewing. Clay is the latest addition. I've been sewing for most of my life, and quite often sew more things than I have room for. My husband, family, and friends suggested that I start selling my wares to free up space for new things, and for a little revenue.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose? And why?
Birmingham, Alabama. My best friend lives there with his family, and they are more like my extended family without actually being family. I visited him for a week a few years back, and fell in love with the area (and the magnolia trees).

What is your favorite food?
Schnitzel. I grew up on German cooking, and can't seem to get enough schnitzel.

Favorite animal?
My favorite animal has always been, and will always be, horses. I am lucky to own a horse, and if you ask her, she will tell you she is spoiled rotten.

Favorite color?
Chrome. LOL, just kidding. Blue, hands down. 90% of my horse equipment is blue, my purse is blue, seat covers in the car are blue, favorite coffee cup is blue...the list goes on.

Do you have a favorite quote you'd like to share?
“Life is not a journey to the grave with intentions of arriving safely in a pretty well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out and loudly proclaiming ... WOW! What a ride!” LOL! I love that :)

Other places UniquebyKarlee can be found:

UniquebyKarlee on ArtFire (I only sell on artfire)
UniquebyKarlee's website (All but one product on my website is linked to my artfire shop)
Also a member of the ArtFire Polymer Smooshers Guild
Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview and giving us a laugh or two. Be sure to visit UniquebyKarlee and get some of those coffee cozies while they are still on sale.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Featuring -2Good Claymates

I found 2 Good Claymates when I went blog jumping one day. When I came across this blog I was mesmerized by the blog header and one particular gecko on it. It was absolutely beautiful! The green swirls on it were perfect; not a crooked line or distortions on any of it. I was envious to say the least. Needless to say, I was quite happy when she answered my call for blog features. Here's a little more about this shop:

What is your favorite item in your shop?
I have a lot of favorites but I like my candle collars the most. They were something I dreamed about making and I love how they turned out. I have several pairs I use in my home and get comments on them all the time.
This is one of my favorites as I love the colors and the mokume gane design.

What inspires you to create?
I would say colors inspire me the most. One of the first things I did with my clay was mix my own colors! And I was so excited when I discovered you could actually save the “recipe” and make that exact color again. I have all my color samples and recipes on index cards and organized in a photo album. When I’m trying to decide what to make I will usually browse through my album and pick out color combinations I like and then dive in. When I see the colors together it will help me decide what to do next -- a mokume gane -- canes, flowers, etc. One thing I like about my work the most is the wide range of colors I use -- there is something for everyone!

And do you have any inspirational advice for other artists?
Don’t worry about trying to find your own “specialty” technique or “trademark”. Just dive in and have fun and it will eventually find you! Then again that may never happen -- lol -- I enjoy so many different techniques with the clay that I don’t think I will ever settle down and focus in on only one or two.

Do you create in more than 1 medium?
I use to oil paint as well as papier mache. I also sew a lot and have designed and made most of my own clothing and accessories. Years ago I use to have a line of specialty eyeglass cases I designed and made myself and sold to various Optical stores. I'm now making my own jewelry pouches (a simpler version of those cases I use to make) which makes the pieces I sell a little more special.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose? And why?
We lived in Mexico for 9 years and that was an adventure of a lifetime. We moved back to Canada in 2001 and last fall we moved from the big city and settled down in a cute little town and absolutely love it here and can’t imagine living anywhere else now.

What is your favorite food?
I don’t have too many favorite foods -- I like most things as long as it is meatless!

Favorite animal ? My favorite animal is a dog -- although I loved the geckos that were in our home and yard when we were in Mexico! Maybe that is why I like making those out of clay the most.

Favorite color? My favorite color is green -- preferably yellow greens like lime or olive. Whenever I see something in a shade of green I like, it immediately causes my head to turn and I can’t help not feeling attracted to it. Many people have told me it is because that is the color of my eyes.

Do you have a favorite quote you'd like to share?
I have a lot of favorite quotes and most of them centre around happiness and laughter. (My middle name is Joy and some people have nicknamed me “giggles”). I guess I would say, “The shortest distance between two people is laughter” by Victor Borge. He is my favorite artist who has always made me laugh the hardest!

Do you have anything else you would like to share? My name is Carolyn Good -- my hubby (and best friend) is Dave Good and that is how we came up with the name “2 Good Claymates”

2 Good Claymates can be found in several places on the web
Blogs (3):
(last 2 blogs are set up in a magazine style with links to our Art Fire Studio or Etsy Shop)

Art Fire Studio:
Etsy Shop:
Member of the Art Fire Artisan Jeweler Guild

Member of the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild
I'm a new member of The Shuswap Lake Festival of the Arts Society in the area where I live -- I have 4 pieces I'm entering in the juried part of the show this year (3 jewelry pieces plus a mosaic tiled coffee table) as well as selling a lot of my pieces in the gift shop that will be set up for the 9 days at the festival. I will also be demonstrating on making my floral canes at the show.
Thanks again!
Carolyn Good--

Thank you Carolyn for taking the time to share your talents with us and showing us your many beautiful peices. Please be sure to check out 2Good Claymates on Etsy and on ArtFire. I fell in love with several of their pieces, and you may just find something you just can't live without any longer, too!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our Baby Garden

It finally warmed up enough for us to plant our garden a couple of weeks ago. We are having a small garden this year. Just enough to keep Mr. Clay busy. Our growing season out here in the desert is only from Memorial Day thru Sept/Oct. when Mother Nature decides to freeze it off.

Ms.Robin watched on as we planted.

I know you probably think with being in the desert, we'd have a longer growing period. But we still freeze all thru the month of May.

Normally we have a huge garden; it's a 40' x 40' area. We usually grow 30-40 each of tomatoes, cherry hot peppers, anaheim peppers, jalapeno peppers, 10-15 squash, zucchinis, and habaneros. Then the rows of lettuce, peas, radishes, and carrots. Even though we hook up a irrigation watering system, it's still a full time job watering and weeding. And then, when everything starts coming on, it's not unusual for me to be in the kitchen 10-15 hours a day roasting peeling, freezing, canning, and pickling. When I make salsa, it's not by the bowlful. I make salsa by the 5 gallon bucket full!

When I first learned to can, I would make batches of salsa and call it mild or medium or hot. It wasn't the greatest method of measuring hottness. Then I began to name them-There was the Dragon series-Baby Dragon, Dragon Spit, Dragon Fire; there was the cute name series- wimpy,wimpy,wimpy salsa, Killer Salsa, Killer H. Salsa, This Is The Salsa (TITS for short). That was a funny one. I was down in my kitchen one evening and one of our friends called and told my husband they liked my TITS. We got a good laugh over that one.

And people would continually ask me "how many peppers are in this?" Like I counted? Like I cared? I figured if it was spicy enough for Mr. Clay and me, then we were happy. So last time I named the salsas after songs with numbers. There was 25 or 6 to 4, 50 ways (renamed '50 ways to eat your salsa' in stead of 'ways to leave your lover'), Get your Kicks on Route 66, 76 Tombones..and of course 110 Clarinets were right behind, Around the World in 80 Days, You're Gonna Cry 96 Tears...and then the last batch was Mega H Death. The number in the song was the number of jalapenos in that 5 gallon batch of salsa...with the exception of 25 or 6 to 4-It was only a 4 gallon batch. Mega H Death was the last batch of the season and had all the last of the crops in it-over 200 jalapenos and the H stood for all the habaneros! It is pure fire in salsa form.

This year we only have 5 tomatoes, 4 jalapenos, 8 anaheim chiles, 4 habaneros and the peas , lettuce, radishes, and carrots, zuchini and squash.

Here is my gardening tip(which Mr. Clay refused to follow): if you mix your carrot and radish seeds together in a cup and plant them together, the radishes will come up shade and the delicate carrot sprouts. the radishes will be grown up and harvested just about the time your carrots really start beginning to grow their roots.

Our radishes have sprouted, and so have the zuchinis and squashes.

We bought the tomatoes and peppers, and they are beginning to shoot up.

Everything has sprouted now with the exception of the lettuce. I'm not sure Mr. Clay has kept it damp enough, but we shall see.
As for an update on his health-A couple of weeks ago he was getting out of bed and coughed and separated the cartilage on his ribs. So the Dr.s have begun weaning him off of the steroids. Not a fun time for either of us. His strength is waning and he is super grouchy, to put it mildly. It is difficult at best to be a caregiver to one who is terminal.
As for my job search- it still continues. Every week I get a few more good promising prospects. One of these days I'll land the right one. I hope it's real soon. We have survived this whole year now on less than $5K ! That's quite an accomplishment, I think. Have a Great Day everyone :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

I follow quite a few blogs, and it seemed everywhere I turned lately I have seen this award. When one is awarded it, they must pick 15 more blogs for the award. and I thought to myself, "I'm glad I didn't get his cause I'm not sure if I can find 15 blogs that don't already have this award." And then I got awarded it ...3X! I am going to go out on a limb here and hope that this doesn't mean I have to come up with 45 winners

The first one was from KayzKreationz and then Felicia Kramer was the second and third was
BarbaraCrochetStudio. Thank you ladies for the honor; I am truly humbled. And don't forget to check out their blogs. They are all fantastic!

Since I was already committed on the shop features I do, I had to wait to post this and it gave me a chance to scour the blogs I have chosen to make sure they hadn't been awarded it.
So the rules for accepting this award are as follows:

1. Accept the award.

2. Post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, along with his or her blog link.
3. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.
Please be sure to stop and visit these wonderful blogs that I've passed this award on to:

2 Good Claymates These 2 make some amazing polymer clay things

A Needle In a Haystack I found this one one day while blog jumping :)

Bath Buddies One of my pals on a BNS thread on Etsy

B Gobble Art One of the Polymer Clay Smooshers

Christie Cottage She is the originator of the BNS thread I have managed to stay on

Creative Critters Another Polymer Clay Smoosher buddy

Crochet By the Bay Check out the farmhouse her and her husband are refurbishing

Fantasy Clay I won a pixy off her blog and am anxious to get him

Gifted Designs Another BNS threader who makes beautiful jewelry

JD Footloose One of my thread peeps *waves* hi jd :)

La De Da Creations One of the Polymer Clay Smooshers

Nature With Me Think you're green? Look here and see

Soul Reader She really touches my soul

The Bear Bunch Follow the adventures of the 4 bears

Things In Stuff A whole family of crafters

I love all these blogs, and even if I don't comment all the time, know that I am watching you all :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Featuring Artfire shop- HaffinaCreations

I found haffinacreations one day when I was blog jumping. I noticed a purple something or other, and since I am a purple freak I figured I would check this blog out. After all, anyone who shows purple is worth a few minutes of my life...and then I saw the giveaway.... In order to win the prize you had to pick out your fav in her shop. I immediately clicked on her ArtFire store link and was amazed with all her work. I had seen very little chainmaille jewelry up to that point, but when I saw haffina's, I was in awe! It took me nearly an hour to pick out my fav. (I take opinion polls very I had never seen any such kind of workmanship and colors. Then when I saw she was in the ArtFire Polymer Smoosher's Guild and incorporated polymer clay with her chainmail, I knew I would have to find out a little more about her:

What is your favorite item in your shop? I don't have a favourite really, so I am quite happy for you to pick your favourite. So, you know what that meant, don't ya?...I lingered and labored for a couple of days trying to pick just the right thing. I mean, have you peeked into her shop? Can you pick out just one fav? I finally settled on this one; how did I do? The pattern is so intriguing and the colors mesh so well. I just love it!
What inspires you to create? Anything and everything. I get ideas from really weird things sometimes, and I tend to dream in clay and chainmaille.. its a bit freaky.

And do you have any inspirational advice for other artists? The greatest source of inspiration is within each and every one of us, just find the outlet that lets you tap into yours. Try new things, never stop exploring, and you will find it.

Do you create in more than 1 medium?

I create chainmaille, seed bead pieces, jewellery in general. Plus I paint mandalas when the mood is upon me. I have been known to knit, crochet and cross stitch, but not as much any more. I also write, mainly poetry, but also short stories on occasion.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose? And why? Halfway up a nice hill with a great view, in a big house with lots of room and light. I would prefer it to be in South Australia, because it is home to me.

What is your favorite food? Black Forest Cake

Favorite animal? Butterflies

Favorite color? Purple with Teal.

Do you have a favorite quote you'd like to share? 'If words and ideas flowed like water and wine, I'd never be thirsty or sober.' Its one of mine, and I think it sums up creativity, and how sometimes it seems to dry up. LOL

When someone gives me a quote I usually look it up on the web to see who wrote it, and guess what? This quote IS actually haffina's! She is one talented lady. She hasn't mentioned it, so I will, she also writes for She is an Adminstrator on an online forum, a Moderator on another forum, Guildmaster of the ArtFire Chainmaille Guild, a member of four other guilds, including the ArtFire Polymer Clay Smooshers, maintains two blogs and to top that off - she is a stay at home mum of 5 children.

haffinacreations can also be found on the following sites...and be sure to look at her Flickr . She has some pictures of her beaded work there.
Wordpress blog -
Blogspot blog -
Flickr -

The Original Haffina Creations - its on a forum -
Haffina Creations Facebook Fanpage -
I'm also on Plurk, Twitter, MySpace, IndiePublic, CafeMom, and lots of other places.

Thank you so much haffina for taking the time to share a little of yourself with us. Be sure to check out haffinacreations on ArtFire. If you're like me, you'll find a favorite in her shop to put on your wish list.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Featuring ArtFire Shop - Creative Critters

I am slowly but surely getting to know the other members of the ArtFire Polymer Smoosher's Guild. I want to give you all a chance to see some of the member's ArtFire shops, and what better way than to start with Creative Critters ? Let's take a look into this shop and learn a bit more:
What is your favorite item in your shop? One of my favorite items right now is my Scorch the Rockin' Dragon sculpture.

I put a LOT of work into this sculpture, and I think he came out really cool!
And I agree with you. I know the work it takes to apply each scale individually to a dragon, and you are right to be proud of Scorch-he is Rockin!

What inspires you to create? Creating is in my blood. I've been creating things since I was a child. I find inspiration everywhere. I love the world of fantasy, and find inspiration in books, paintings, movies, even screen savers. Animals and nature are also very inspirational. I love all animals and really enjoy being outside, taking walks in the woods, etc. I'm the sort of person who HAS to create. If I don't have at least one project going, something is very wrong.

And do you have any inspirational advice for other artists? I guess my inspirational advice for others would be to just relax and take in everything around you. Sometimes if you try too hard to come up with an idea, you just get stuck. I usually come up with my best ideas, and solutions to problems when I just relax and let my mind wander. When I'm out walking around the neighborhood I take in all the flowers and trees, animals, kids playing, everything going on around me.

Do you create in more than 1 medium?
I create in several mediums. I knit stuffed animals, sew cloth dolls and plush World of Warcraft characters, and make jewelry with a variety of beads (including polymer clay). I enjoy variety in my artwork and I like to learn new crafts. You just never know what I'll come up with next!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose? And why? It would have to be in a nice rural area with a good growing season. I love to garden, and I enjoy nature. I'd also like to live near water. When I was a teen I lived on a lake and discovered I love swimming and playing in the water. I don't have a specific place in mind, just somewhere a little warmer than NE Ohio, and much more rural (I live in the suburbs now).

What is your favorite animal? It would be a toss up between cats and ferrets, and both together are hilarious. Favorite food? I guess would be most any type of fruit- strawberries, bananas, peaches..., I love them all. Favorite color? Purple (just check out my studio!). I like most colors though, and enjoy playing with color in my artwork.

Do you have a favorite quote you'd like to share? "Just do it!" is a quote I often repeat to myself. That applies to so many things, from my workouts, to housework, to difficult creative projects.

CreativeCritters can be found in several other places on the internet

Thank you Michelle, for taking the time to do this interview and sharing all your talents with us. Please be sure to visit CreativeCritters on ArtFire and check out all her creative items.