Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday! Monday!

So I have a slight break in between the "what I'm supposed to be doings" and thought I would sneak in here real quick and say that I am so behinder I still have end of the week things to do, and it's already Monday! Eeeekkk!!!

My studio was supposed to be cleaned up enough for a picture walk through. I got it half done and the the muse hit me right up side the head.
With my main work station cleaned and the floor swept, I sat down and made a cane I had always wanted to try and was so happy with the results that I began making all kinds of baubles and beads. You know how it is...

Anywho times a wasting, and I have some beads to ship out. I did manage to make a sale this weekend. Yay! This was the first time I have offered beads for sale in my shops and they were snatched up in a couple of days. Yay! Makes me want to go down and make more!! :)
Have a great start to the week everyone!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Not One But Two!

I had another feature published this morning on HandMade News...and come to think of it I had one published two days ago.

Ok the first article is Lin of FlauntRox , FlauntDesignsJewelry and well she just flaunts where ever she can :P

The next one is Erica of SierraPelonaCrochet, and she claims she has more earrings than she could possibly wear. And then she sent me a beautiful picture of herself with NO earrings :P

So for any newcomers- When you click on the article, be sure to vote a thumbs up (located at the bottom just above the comments sections)
The more votes and comments I get, the longer I will be able to feature great shops/sellers. Maybe you'll be next?

Also could you please leave me a comment here as to whether you can see the advertising on the right hand side of the article. If you don't see the ads, can you tell me what you do see?

Thank you for all your help...BBL to announce a new giveaway

Thursday, August 20, 2009


This morning my column on HandMade News featured a fellow Polymer Clay Smoosher Guild member. Here is the link to Dori of SassyClayCreations . Please click on over there and show Dori some love by giving her a thumbs up. (located at the bottom of the article just above the comments section)

After you are done getting to know Dori, you can click over to her shop on ArtFire and checkout her unique creations. One of my favorites is this ring shelf. How clever is that? and useful too :)

Until next time, have a Great rest of the week everyone!



Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sheee's Baaack :)

A long time ago in the cobwebs of my mind I remember doing a feature here on my blog with Quiltingdiva. If you ever try and have the last word with her late at night on a thread, you'd better be able to type fast. I still laugh about the night we were both trying to have the last word before Etsy shut down for maintenance.

Well the Qdiva is back and this time she snagged an interview for the Featured Artisan Dept on HandMade News. So click on over there and meet Stacy Edell of Quiltingdiva. And be sure to check out her shop. This diva has been a busy bee and her shop is stocked with all kinds of new items. and be sure to check the purses and totes. I found all different colors pictured within the listings, and the 6 pocket purses are a very cool idea. But you need to click on the listing to look at the other pictures in it to see where the pockets are. See? Do you see 6 pockets on that purse? Go take a look, and you'll see why she is the Diva :) BTW- you can click on the picture ------>

I must tell you that HandMade News has changed the layout of their site, so if it looks a bit (OK, very) different to you, that is the reason. Leave me a comment on what you like (or dislike) and I will be sure and pass it on to the main editor. I absolutely love that our editor listens to our feedback.

Until next time have Great Days :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Last Two Articles

The last two???
Well, only for the Just For Fun Dept. The first one is about 'Nothing'
Can you just see the look on my editor's face when she got the file titled 'Nothing' and then the first line said 'This is an article about nothing' I'll bet her eyeballs rolled right out of her head..LOL; at least that is what I was going for.
So if you didn't click on nothing above, here is your last chance: My article about nothing . I do believe it's one of my best, but you'll have to be the judge of that. I must say though, I am a little worried about PizzamanMike out there in Nothing, AZ. When I tried to send him a link to the article, the email bounced back to me. It would be sad if he invested all that money, to not even have nothing to show for it. If anyone will be passing through Nothing, I would really like to hear that Mike is still there.

And now for my last article in the Just For Fun Dept- It's all about BumbleBees and it too has an interesting tale - about some undiscovered gold still rumored to be near a ghost town called BumbleBee.

So you know the drill - please click over to my articles and vote me a thumbs up, and if you are so inclined, you can sign in and leave a comment. I promise you they won't spam you, if you sign in. I have had questions where is it to vote? If you go to the bottom of the article just beofre the comments you'll see a line that says "Tweet this article" "Share this article" and then "Vote for this artilce" with pictures of two thumbs; one goes up and one is thumbs can just ignore the thumbs down for me :D When you click on the thumb, it registers a vote. And you can only vote once, oherwise I would vote myself a winner everytime!

My bestest news is, I transferred to the Featured Artisan Dept. where I will be doing interviews of shops/sellers full time! It makes no difference what venue you sell on, or if you have your own website; if you are interested in being featured you can leave a post here with a way for me to send you a set of interview questions. I am so happy to be doing this. Spotlighting people is my most favoritest thing to do! So please bombard me with requests. I love it!

Have a creative week everyone!


ps I know I need to list another giveaway. I am really hoping to get that done this evening. Keep checking back. Look in the right hand upper corner for the announcement.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

My First Main Feature

Yay! I finally got my first main feature published this morning! Absolutely Gourd-geous is all about gourds, and it features some incredible gourd artists and a couple of shops that sell gourd seeds. Take a look at this picture; it's one of the artists featured:

Can you believe someone made that from a gourd?

I would really appreciate it if you would click on over there and vote me thumbs up. You can leave a comment if you sign up. I promise they don't spam you; it's only for ID purposes to see where visitors come from.

My editor is leaning on me to improve my views...I'm doin the best I can, but I need your help.

Thanks and have a Great Day!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

We have a winner!

Congratulations are in order! The winner of my first blog giveaway is Jess of Lindy's Place . Thank you for participating and your earrings will be on their way this week....enjoy :)

While I am here, let me take a few minutes to tell you a bit about Jess-She has a shop on Etsy where she sells an eclectic mixture of items ranging from jewelry to handmade paper to all sorts of different crocheted items along with many other unique pieces. I am particularly fond of her rock star dangles, and a few other items that I will let you discover on your own.
Jess also has a blog where you can sign up to follow her adventures.
Thanks to everyone who participated. Hopefully, I will be announcing another giveaway within the next week, so keep tuned to this station ;)