Sunday, August 2, 2009

My First Main Feature

Yay! I finally got my first main feature published this morning! Absolutely Gourd-geous is all about gourds, and it features some incredible gourd artists and a couple of shops that sell gourd seeds. Take a look at this picture; it's one of the artists featured:

Can you believe someone made that from a gourd?

I would really appreciate it if you would click on over there and vote me thumbs up. You can leave a comment if you sign up. I promise they don't spam you; it's only for ID purposes to see where visitors come from.

My editor is leaning on me to improve my views...I'm doin the best I can, but I need your help.

Thanks and have a Great Day!



Christie Cottage said...

You got a thumbs up from me :-)

You should post the link in the BnS and try to get some thumbs up there too!

Have a wonderful day!

MoeArt said...

I would leave you a thumbs up, too, if I could see where to do it??? I went to the gourd site (great stuff!) but I didn't see any place to click a thumbs up for you. Where is it?