Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010 Update

I meant to get here sooner and update, but no excuses, I just didn't have the right words in me and I am hoping that I have found them now.

First up is a Simple Abundance update-for me the messages in the first two weeks have been all about finding happiness within and being thankful for what I already have. This has been an easy task for me, since we live so simply, me and the hubster. We have never lived beyond our means-and that means no credit cards, no loan payments, no credit period. So happiness for me has always come from enjoying life's little pleasures-whether it's watching the snow fall or hearing the purr of my kitty as we play beauty parlor or smelling the wet soil as we plant the garden. Our challenge a couple of days ago was to obtain a journal and to write down 5 things we are thankful for everyday, and this has so far been simple for me. I think acknowledging and being thankful for what we already have is the first step in finding true innner happiness.

Second update is on the hubster-He has now been off all the drugs the Dr ordered and is feeling much better. We went to a rhuematoid arthritus specialist and found he does NOT have RA. Apparently the drug (Cytoxan) was causing all the problems with joint pain, bladder pain, skin darkenings. He still has his bad days, but he had those when he was on the horrible meds too. So for the most part, things are status quo with him. The extreme arctic weather we have been having has made it tough for him to go outdoors, as the cold temps burn his lungs.

Looking back over the last month or so, I guess I never blogged about losing my job at the trucking company. I was being lied to about a couple of important things-like my position and why I wasn't being hired (I was still employed through the temp agency). To make a long story short, I was instantly fired when I questioned the lies...and to be honest, I am glad. There were shady goings on with the financials and I certainly didn't want to be held responsible for whatever was about to happen. It is the first time in my life I have ever been fired, and I went home and we went out to diner and celebrated. It was a blessing in disguise!
Within a week of me being fired, I was offered a part/part time job at the Post Office. When 1 door closes another one opens. Not sure how soon before I start-I've done the background check and took the drug test yesterday. Just waiting for results now.

I think this has brought everything up to date. I am still looking for people to interview for HandMade News. If you make handmade items and sell online I would love to give you a feature. Check up there in the right hand corner where you can send me an email and I will send you an interview to fill out.

Til next thankful for what you have; it's probably more than you think!


Celebrate Life said...

(((Clay and Mr. Clay)))

Liseanne R said...

Awesome post Cindi, you sure have a way with words! I am glad you take pleasure in the simple things, people like you are few and far between! Keep it up!


I am alilhorseplay :D

Christie Cottage said...

Well, I hope you start at the post office soon! So glad Mr. Clay is better and you can enjoy life's pleasures again!


Sinclair said...

Glad things are going well for you, and glad to hear Hubster is doing better. Good luck in your new job!