Friday, July 9, 2010

Hubster & Garden

Here's a better update than what I left you with last week. I worked a temp job for a couple of weeks and wouldn't you know it, Mr. Clay goes into the hospital right smack in the middle of my commitment to the job? So, here I was, caught between a job and my husband - he was admitted to the hospital the second week I was temping.

There was already no time left to train anyone for what I was doing at the company. Normally I would have been right there at the hubster's side the whole way through; but jobs are tight and this was a repeat performance. I temped there last year, and the lady liked me so well that she asked for me specifically.

It was a handful trying to work full time, keep things under control in the garden (pics in a bit) and then then go to the hospital everyday to take the hubster a care package; what was even harder was leaving him and coming home to try and sleep.

The hubster has been home from the hospital since last Monday night. He felt great in the beginning because they had him all pumped up on steriods. But since he's not on those anymore, his breathing level has not been the best hoped for...he may be having to switch to liquid oxygen in the near future...But for now, when he is sitting or sleeping his oxygen level is at a medium level; and then if he has to move at all from sitting or laying, his oxygen has to be turned up to the highest level. From what we have heard, the liquid oxygen will keep his heart from having to work so hard to pump the oxygen.

We went for his check up today the pnuemonia is still in the bottom lobes of both lungs. She said she'd call in an order of meds at the pharmacy; apparently there has been some kind of mixup and the pharmacy never received the orders and the office closed at noon today. So here we sit, hoping he doesn't get any worse and end up in the hospital again. Any and all prayers and positive thoughts sent his way are greatly appreciated.

Meanwhile he is taking great pleasure at dictating which yard work needs to be done. And instructing me on how to use 'the manly equipment'. I have now done 3 lawn mowings with no male supervision ;) and I think I've done pretty well keeping up on all the weeding and such. Here are some pics submitted for your approval. The small pic was when I planted on Memorial day weekend...

And now here is a month later (this pic was taken June 30)...
In the far left of that shot you can see the peas growing along the fence.; many of them are waist high and some are chest high now. We have had peas everyday now for days. Besides eating straight off the vine, my new fav is sauteed lightly and eaten with rice or all by themselves. But Mr. Clay has found they are tasty in his cup of noodles and in his Ramen too.

Every variety of squash has sprouted. Some are larger than others. And that drought resistant variety so popular in Texas? Well the plant grew about a foot long almost touching the fence ready to climb... and an army of ants moved in at the base of the plant and took it down in less than 24 hours! By the time I saw what happened to the first plant they had moved onto the 2nd plant and its demise was well under way. But here are the other squashes we have...

In the upper right of the pic you can see the carrots, lettuce, and radishes. The 2nd crop of radishes is nearly gone. I should have already planted a 3rd crop, but alas...I have fallen short in this one area.

The peppers are doing great; I'll show close-ups of them on my next garden update.

Until next time, here's a shot looking out my back door
I'll have you know I've mowed that grass 2X with no male supervision ;)

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Sinclair said...

I am sorry to hear about hubster, and that meds mishap makes me angry! That type of thing is all too common and people needlessly suffer with symptoms while they wait...

Your garden is beautiful! Mine is not so big and I did not plant that much variety this year. Haven't been in the gardening frame of mind, now with being at work all day again. Happy to have an income, however. Still saying prayers for you both.