Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm a Marked Woman ;)

Well it has been some time since I had the time to blog, and I wanted to bring you all up to date on the kittehs.
When I last left you Momma Kitty was with childs and was getting close to having more babies. I had made an insulated bed for her under our composter, and after a couple of weeks of her instructing me on making it more suitable, she finally had them on April 17/18th. I had put our outside remote temperature gauge in her bed cause I was so afraid of it being too cold. Even though the outside night temps were in the low 20's her little nursery hidden behind and underneath all those tarps and insulation was never below 62 degrees.
You would have laughed to see me out there every day pulling out that front tarp and adjusting and putting more blankies, rugs, newspapers,and tarps until I (and she) were fully satisfied. She kept them in there for the first couple of weeks and then she moved them a few times til they were old enough to rejoin the rest of the clan back in the neighbors' yard.
As I promised, slowly but surely, everyone is getting spayed/neutered. We have a 'catch and release' program where ferals/strays are caught, fixed, and then the ear is clipped so that everyone knows the cat is fixed. This way we are able to keep the cat population down
Since my last post another stray has been hanging around...

Looked like a 'Peaches" to me---turns out it was a boy; but he answers to the name.  
He is tame, but did something to me that NO animal has ever done....HE SPRAYED ME!!!! EEEWWWWWwwwwww. So freakin gross! It wasn't like a mist either. It was like a straight stream of pee that went through my shirt and bra ( I was sitting on the grass)... So Peaches is no longer welcome in my yard (and this pic was taken before he was fixed-hence no clipped ear). I feel bad for him. He was obviously someone's pet, but they have neglected his fur and he needs a lion cut. His tail and belly are a mass of knotted fur. I don't want to give him too much attention cause he already likes me too much :)
Momma kitty has been fixed...see her clipped ear?

And Little Socks has been fixed (old pic)
Turns out Socks was a girl, and not a boy. The only one I was right about sex wise was Momma...
oh , and Mr. Boots..but you can't miss the huevos on him

Mr. Boots has become psychic and only comes around on weekends or when the vet won't be in the office. I think he knows he's the only one left who hasn't "Been There"

So now you are ALMOST up to date...want to see the new babies???? I must say Momma is very consistent in her baby makin skills. Here's a shot of her last litter-Boots,Socks, and Cocoa
And now look at her latest

Meet Ebony
And Ivory

and Striper

Striper had real bad goopy eyes, but I was able to get steroid drops in them when the babies spent the night with me... and his eyes cleared up totally. Since Momma has them travelling back and forth between yards I made them a little passage through the fence and outlined it in red ribbon.
There such smart kittehs; they figured out the doorway immediately AND everybody knows their name.  I am hoping to make a calendar out of their pics and maybe their cuteness will help support them.

Til next time,

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