Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye 2011..Welcome 2012

Saying goodbye to 2011...(pic from my backyard)
 and hello to 2012 and whatever possibilities it beholds. If you've followed me for the last few years, then, oh my heck, what a patient and loyal soul you are! lol
Anywho if you have been around on New Year's, you know I don't do New Year's Resolutions. Instead I focus on a 'word' for the year. This way, I have no worries about resolution let downs, no guilt trips, AND at the end of the year, I know what my word for the year has been. This allows me to focus positively on my 'resolution word' everytime it manifests in my life.
This will be my 3rd year of choosing my word for the year...past years have included 'abundance' and 'believe'. Instead of looking forward with dread on what my resolutions will be, I get excited as to what word will I choose. I know that whatever word I choose, I will be presented with all kinds of opportunities to acknowledge its presence in my life.
This year I have chosen the word 'build'. I can see how this word will be seeping into all areas of my life...building this and that...building blocks, building relationships, building trust, building networks, building a business....the possibilities for this word to present itself in my life are endless.
It's already begun with the purchase of a book on how to build a geodesic dome greenhouse...this will be my project for the year and I'm so excited about it.

What happens when the Mayan calendar ends? Who knows...but we're all here for the ride,so hang on. I have a feeling things are about to get very interesting...

Me? I'ma gonna be 'building' this year ;)

Until next time,


coltpixy said...

Happy New Year Cindi!

Sinclair said...

That is a good word. Happy New Year!

Christie Cottage said...

That is a good word!

I have been trying to chose a single word and have been having a difficult time with it.

hugs & love my friend