Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tsavo's Story

I found Tsavo (pronounced SAH-voh) while I was browsing through treasuries one day on Etsy. This cute little face is not the first kitty I have seen on Etsy, but there was something about his eyes that made me take a double look.

Tsavo's owners have a shop on Etsy called NightBlooming , where they sell hair sticks, jewelry, and other products for your hair. But also in their shop was this story that tugged at my heart strings. (Tsavo is the one waving at you-how cute is that?)

Here is Tsavo's story(as told by his owners):

We were so excited to get our Bengal kittens, Tsavo and Zerah, in early November. Sadly, though, we realized that something was wrong with Tsavo. While he'd chase a toy on the ground if you picked it up he'd treat it as though he was invisible- quickly we realized that he couldn't see, and had been tracking the toy by sound alone.

After waiting two months to see a specialist, Tsavo was diagnosed with birth-defect cataracts in both eyes. He has almost no vision in his left eye and only about 25% in his right eye. The good news is that he has a fantastic chance at gaining his vision back with surgery- a 96% success rate which should give him about 90% of his vision back.

The bad news, of course, is that the surgery is astronomically expensive, a conservative estimate placing it at a few thousand dollars without complications.

Many of you know I recently had cataract surgery; and the delays I faced waiting for that surgery because, I too, had to save up $$$ for it. Near the end of my waiting period my eyesight had gotten so bad that I could no longer see to drive, or even create art. I had completely lost the sight in one of my eyes. I cannot begin to tell you how great it feels to have my eyesight returned and how different the world looks with clear vision.

Can you even imagine the joy this little kitty will have once he can see? Just think how much wonder and amazement Tsavo will experience when he can finally see for the first time in his life! It will open up a new world for him

I am hoping that by sharing Tsavo's story, you will find it in your heart to help this little guy. In NightBlooming 's shop I found tiger eye pins to purchase in different $ amounts. Check in the right column and you will find a mini etsy with the direct links to Tsavo's donations, OR if you don't want to purchase contact NightBlooming and ask how to make a donation without purchasing as I did. Every little bit will help. Take a look at his little face again and tell me you could turn him down?

Tsavo's story touched me, as I could totally identify with his eyesight problem. If you have ever had cataracts or have someone close to you that has, you know the difficulty this problem presents.

Please help him now while it is fresh in your mind....
And watch how it comes back to you ten times over!

The gift of sight is precious for ALL creatures great and small...

Have a great Sunday everyone :)

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KayzKreationz said...

A sweet and sad story, clay. Will have to check out the shop.