Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Featuring Etsy Shop - BarbaraCrochetStudio

I became aquainted with BarbaraCrochetStudio when I decided to submit a recipe for an Etsy cookbook. It seems that recipe submissions were taking longer than the cookbook editor had originally thought. So a few of us began bumping the thread trying to get the recipes needed for the cookbook . One just can't help checking out another's shop when posting back and forth on a thread, and that 's when I saw this sentiment in Barbara's shop announcement:

"Every time I work on a project I think about the potential Customer who will be using it, about his/her personality, age, etc. Just like every handmade products, crocheted ones are loaded with a ton of heart and warmest feelings, which the crafter wants to convey to Customers."

I wonder how many of us in our day to day creating rush stop and give this much thought about who will end up with our creative endeavor? Is it any wonder why I wanted to learn a little more about who was inside of this unique store?

What is your favorite item in your shop? It's hard for me to choose, I love them all. However the thread crochet are the closest to my heart. Please feel free to choose your favorite. :)
I chose these Heart-Shaped Crocheted Doilies because they had a heart of gold in them, and I suspect that they were made with lots love in mind.

What inspires you to create? First of all the people - my family, my friends and my customers. And then the world around us - seasons of the year, Holidays, special events. I'd like to make people joyful and happy with my creations. I like to make special orders because this brings me closer to the recipient of my creation and lends a "personality" to my product.

And do you have any inspirational advice for other artists? Life is beautiful - expose it in your art!
Do you create in more then one medium? I do crochet and can knit. Recently crocheting has taken over knitting. I find crocheting more expressive. I like to crochet with thread the most (doilies, jewelry). But I also use other fibers - cotton yarn, acrylic, wool.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose? And why? San Francisco, CA - location, weather, atmosphere, and the architecture. I would also consider my beloved hometown Krakow, Poland.

What is your favorite food? Strawberry ice cream with fresh fruits and chocolate syrup.
Favorite animal? Dog, I'm amazed with their fidelity and intelligence.
Favorite color? Blue, any kind of blue!

Do you have a favorite quote you'd like to share? "We may affirm absolutely that nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion."- Hegel
Thank you very much Barbara for taking the time to do this interview and share a piece of yourself with us. Be sure to visit BarbaraCrochetStudio where you'll be sure to find some very special creations from someone who truly cares about each piece she creates.

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