Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's the weekend again

Boy the time is flying by for me! It's already been over a week since I last posted. I'm still out looking for a job, but since I live in such a small rural area, the possiblilites are limited. I went and took the test for a Census taker. In order to pass one must score 10 out of 28. I scored a 27 and thought "oh boy, I'll be first in line for job pickens". WRONG! I called the office 2 days later and was told that the positions were filled weeks ago...WTH???? Why did they even have us taking tests? But, they said, my name will go on the list for the Sept. openings they expect to have...yeah , like I'm gonna hold my breath waiting for that job.

We got more paperwork from Social Security this week wanting to know more info about hubby. They wanted to know what he does from the time he gets up to the time he goes to bed. How long does it take for him to shave, shower, and comb his hair? how long it takes him to get dressed? does he do any househhold chores or repairs? does he cook for himself? does he have any hobbies? how many times he picks his nose? OK I'm exaggerating on that last one, but I felt like telling them I even have to do that for him!
He used to have hobbies- gardening, his roses, video games, woodburning... Here is a couple of pics of his woodburning. He made these with the intention of selling them to a place called 'The Cowboy Club'. It is a restaurant/bar down the street from us. They are woodburned on oak toilet seats (yes we went out and bought oak toilet seats just for him to woodburn!) and they would be perfect for the bathroom doors at the Cowboy Club. He's not sure if "they're good enough". You tell me, I think they are great, but I'm biased, he says.

Thankfully, his migraines have eased up a bit in the last couple of days. The insurance co. will not renew his migraine meds until May something. Apparently, the rule book says that one can only have so many migraines a month, and he is over the quota. aaarrrggghhhh, I hate medicine by the textbook! Not everyone gets sick by the 'rulebook'. He is still having headaches, but not migraines and he says he can deal with a headaches
And we got a call yesterday from the pulmonologist. We are now being sent to a specialist...huh? I thought a pulmonologist WAS a specialist. But I guess there is someone higher up in the field. We are supposed to get a call on Monday for the appt. He is no longer on the meds that is suppressing the disease's progress and he says he can really tell a difference. Says he can tell it's getting worse each day. Wonder what the new Dr. is going to do?
So that's the update on our life this week....things just keep getting better and better, huh? Just a reminder, in case you missed it in my previous post- All you wives out there, that think you will get a Gov't check if your husband passes on...think again. You only get his Soc.Sec. surviving benefits AFTER you reach full retirement age (66).


BarbaraCrochetStudio said...

Please, tell your husband that his woodburned pieces are wonderful! [and I'm not biased :)]
I love the idea that they are done on oak toilet seats. lol


Sinclair said...

I would definitely get those carvings to that restaurant ASAP - they are missing out! Those are marvelous.

I am sorry to hear that things are getting worse. You are both still in my prayers, and I hope that Soc. Sec. gets it together soon and gets some $$ to you. I also hope you find work soon, as needed. I have been searching since Jan. 2 and have only had 1 interview.