Sunday, July 12, 2009

Chalk Art

Wow! I got two articles published this week! And so without further ado, I bring you the link to the next, in my journalistic career
Please click on over there and leave me a vote and a comment. The more I get, the longer I get to feature shops and items. Who knows? Maybe yours will be next :)

And you really must click on the two artist's links while you are there. Their sidewalk art is totally freakin amazing! I was wandering the web for hours checking out 3-d art. I had no idea there was so much. I guess that's what comes from living in a small town for the last 10 years. (I have no excuse for the other 15 years of my life)... ;)

And while I am on the subject of articles, did anyone (besides my best friend from 5th grade) try out the dinner roll/bread recipe? I should have made bread two days ago as we are all out, but I bribed my way out of it when I found a box of Jiffy corn muffin mix hiding in the cupboard.

Christmas in July sales are in full force. ClayItAgain has finally joined in on the action, with a half dozen or so items listed on Etsy and Artfire.
And the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild will be featuring a Christmas in July event next week. Details will be announced in a few days.
One of my most popular items last year was these little elves. and out of all the different colored packages that I use, the red is the most popular.
I have a bunch more stuff still to list for the Christmas in July sale. I hope I am able to get them all listed before August gets here, or I'm going to be having a Christmas in August sale.
I still have more wreaths, elves, and snowmen to get photographed and listed, so I better say good bye for now.
Have a great week everyone...I'll be back soon *waves*
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Jess said...

I love your elves, So cute!
going to check out your column.

you can find me on etsy! :)

Christie Cottage said...

The elves are precious!