Wednesday, February 10, 2010

All that and bag of chips...and Salsa!

Well I told you I would show you my salsa bowl and how I made it, and here it is...Before you go thinking "when did she say that?" It was last year sometime, and I have had this post saved as a draft waiting on me to upload pictures.

I saw this salsa bowl at WalMart and thought to myself, "Self, do you think that will hold up in the oven?"

Since our salsa is soo spicy hot, I thought it would look cool to have flames coming up the sides of the bowl. So I bought one and took it home to try, and it passed the 10 minute test bake. I applied a thin layer of black clay in random spikes to make it easier to apply my 'flames.' Here is a shot of one of the flame canes I made:
I sliced very thin sheets of my flame cane and then began to apply them to the thin black layer already on the salsa bowl. I worked my way around and down ....

Until my black clay spikes were covered with flames
I left the very bottom covered with the plain black clay so that I could stamp it with "Not safe for dishwasher or microwave use."
And I couldn't resist making a matching spoon.
I very rarely use shiny coatings on my clay items, but because I know how sloppy we are with salsa, I used clear nail polish to thoroughly coat the flames to protect any salsa dribbles from getting underneath the clay flames.
One year I made 17 of these sets for the hubster's fellow employees at work, and then wrapped them up with our homemade salsa made from our garden....hence the reason for my delay in completing ours. 18 of any one thing is alot for me to do.
Well, there you have it...our sizzling hot salsa bowl
Til next time,


Christie Cottage said...

Girl YOU ROCK!!!!

So cool! I love it!

Sinclair said...

that is very, hot!

Melobeau said...

WOW, that is the greatest salsa bowl ever. Your flame cane just makes it come alive. Betting it was VERY well appreciated gift.

2 Good Claymates said...

How cool! (Or should I say Hot!?) lol Love the matching spoon as well. I have all sorts of dishes and things I've covered in clay -- they are so much fun!