Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Simple Abundance Update

Wow the time is flying, huh? We are already half way through February and it's time for me to touch base with my journey through Simple Abundance, just in case my SA partner is reading my updates ;)
This month seems to be focusing on keeping in mind that each day is a new 24 hr period in which to experience new adventures, even if they are out of our comfort zone. Many times when we try something different, it opens us up to a creative juice that we would not have found otherwise. This month I have tried listening to different types of music, without complaining :D ...and sharing time with the hubster learning about history, when I really wanted to be chatting in the forums.
There have been a couple of excursions we were challenged to take, that to be honest, I simply did not do because of bad weather. I adapted them to our shut-in situation and completed the task my own way even if it was indoors.
All in all I am still on track and still recording 5 things everyday that I am grateful for.

One of the things I am always thankful for is writing for HandMade News. As of this writing I have 15 of my articles on the 50 Top Articles list. This means that these articles have gotten over 25 votes. I absolutely love featuring shops and sellers! It totally makes my day when I get to send someone the 'Congratulations! You're the Featured Artisan!' message. It makes their day; it makes mine. It's a win win situation.

I would like to share a link with a couple of articles that are only a few votes away from being on that Top Articles list. If you could spare a minute or so, I would really appreciate a green thumb's up vote (located at the bottom of the article, just above the comments section)

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paintingpam said...

Interesting article that shows we all create in different ways and places.